Kindergarten School Supply Kit


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The Kinder Kit provides student with all the supplies they will need on the first day of school and year-round. All our school kits come in a beautifully designed reusable box. You get the ease of ordering and avoid the long line. Plus, you have the option to have supplies delivered to your child’s classroom. Quality supplies at an affordable cost. 

1 Pair Headphones
1 Dry Erase Board & Marker
4 Elmer's Glue Stick, Washable Purple
1 Brown Paper Bags
1 Construction Assorted Colors - Pack - 9" x 12"
1 Ruler, 12"
2 Crayola Crayons - 24 Count, Assorted Colors
1 Crayola Markers, Washable
1 Zip Bags, Gallon
1 Zip Bags, Quart
1 Elmer's White School Glue Bottle
2 Eraser, Large Pink Bevel
1 Hand Sanitizer
2 K-2 Composition Writing Journal- Primary
1 Pencil Box
1 Pencil Sharpener
#2 Pencils, 2 pk.
1 Scissors, Blunt Tip
1 Tissue Box
1 Two-Pocket Paper Folders with Prongs -Blue
1 Two-Pocket Paper Folders with Prongs -Green
1 Two-Pocket Paper Folders with Prongs -Red
1 Two-Pocket Paper Folders with Prongs -Yellow
1 Oxford Unlined Index Card - 3"x 5"
1 Crayola Map Pencils
1 Washable Watercolor Paint set
Colors may vary for some items in the school supply bundle kits such as folders, scissors, pencil pouches and bags. Brand names may be substituted if high demand results in out-of-stock items. 

All our products are carefully inspected before leaving the warehouse. If there is anything wrong with any of your items, we will send you a replacement item. We recommend taking advantage of our supply subscription plan which will allow you to receive your most used, favorite supply items on a reoccurring schedule.

For orders placed through the school program, you will need to contact your school to cancel this type of order.

At this time, all sales are final, and we will not be issuing refunds. Thank you for your understanding.